"Using the flexible GSD Web Technologies
for individual applications..."

NETframe - using GSD solutions anytime, anywhere!

The GSD solution NETframe enables you to connect your GSD databases to a web interface using web service. When working with NETframe, WebShop, WebClient or mobile data access via smart phone or tablet are just some of the possibilities opening up to you. The web interface can be used for projects of all sorts taking in account their unique requirements. The web interface can be realised using Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) as well as REpresentational State Transfer (REST).

NETframe enables you to work flexibly. The applications it supports include e.g. the GSD Webshop, the Webclient "DOCUweb" and the mobile solution "MobileAccess".



Your benefits:

  • Accessing your databases directly via web interface or app
  • Working independent of time and place
  • Remaining flexible for new requirements