Quickly identifying
              complex interrelations ... 

              ... and deducing the right decisions

Business Intelligence – Controlling / Reporting

To secure a competitive advantage in a dynamic business environment, it is essential to take quick and sound decisions. To do so, companies require precise information and accurate analyses that can be promptly and directly accessed. Waiting times are unacceptable for companies that are geared towards success. To generate a competitive edge in corporate decision-making processes, the steps "Provision of Data", "Evaluation" and "Representation & Distribution" constitute the three pillars of your timely and appropriate decision-making.

Data provision, evaluation and Distribution

The Business Intelligence solutions by GSD assist you in collecting and constructively processing data from internal and external systems. Provision, processing and distribution of the data are the main steps of the controlling and the reporting process. You, the decision maker, will be provided with user-friendly tools for intelligent decision- making that include tools for data representation and dashboards for corporate management.

The GSD solution for your Business Intelligence serves to centrally collect important data, identify and understand complex interrelations, and to make appropriate decisions based on accurate analyses.


Your benefits:

  • quick and reliable data analyses
  • acting future-proof
  • measure and enhance company performance
  • generate useful information from data and provide them automatically
  • keep track of key business figures