"Coordinating tasks
and working together efficiently"

The unified communications solution by GSD

To communicate optimally with your colleagues and external business partners, you need a fully integrated communications platform that makes available to you advanced means of communication. The communication history should be transparent and comprehensible for authorized users at any time. Ideally, integrated address and contact person management serve as the basis for such a holistic communication.

Saving time and cost through unified communications
The prime benefit of the unified communications solution by GSD is an improved communication, which will be noticeable in the form of time and cost savings. In addition, transparency will be increased, because all communication data is stored centrally. Relevant documents can thus be easily retrieved.

Central functions for your communication:

  • coordinating team and project work
  • internal communication (messages, notes, annotations, invitation, etc.)
  • call management with caller identification (CTI) / integrated telephony
  • fax, text messages, answering equipment
  • integrated email management / email server
  • integrated communication history