"Coordinating tasks
and working together efficiently"

Groupware: Working together in teams - comfortably and efficiently

We are facing increasingly complex tasks in today’s changing working environment. Simultaneously, the number of potential task managers who take on those tasks is rising. Communication, cooperation and coordination between the employees involved become the key factors of a company. In the following, you will learn how a groupware solution can ideally support you to fully exploit those key factors.

Users of the GSD Groupware software purposefully master the demanding challenges of team-oriented working tasks. Specifically developed features will facilitate communication and cooperation among employees. This results in major reductions of workload and cost savings for companies!

The features of GSD's Groupware solution enable you to work purposefully in a team, to skilfully coordinate meetings and tasks, and to expediently communicate across departments!

Your benefits:

  • coordination of team and project work
  • working together in groups more efficiently
  • consistent communication
  • location- and time-independent cooperation
  • saving time and costs through transparent teamwork


The integrated Groupware solution by GSD

The integration of all relevant communication tools and documents in just one system makes the GSD Software® Collaboration solution so unique. Your co-workers’ current schedules or their incoming calls and messages can be viewed on every user's start screen. From here, users can send emails, faxes and create word files and other documents- A group schedule and tools for internal communication pave the way for successful teamwork!