Inventory management
and production support...

               ...according to very specific requirements!

Project management

By efficiently managing projects and allocating resources, your company will be able to save costs and time in daily project work. The key success factors to reach this goal are transparency in the course of the project and the optimisation of all project-related business processes.

Project management with GSD: Planning and managing projects in a structured manner

The project management by GSD supports you in creating, managing and evaluating projects. Your documents can be assigned to individual projects. Benefit from high transparency in all of your project-related business processes! From coordinating tasks with the customer to monitoring projects and analysing project costs:

The GSD Project Management Solution accompanies you throughout the entire project! For an advanced project management, the integrated GSD Solution allows documents to be assigned to related tasks/transactions. Pursuant to a sophisticated authorization concept, all processes within a project are completely transparent for authorized persons.

Project management - Features:

  • requirements definition and task specification
  • budget and cost planning
  • project management and planning, including planning boards and Gantt chart
  • project management, for example workflow management and escalation management
  • project controlling


Whether it is budget and cost planning, differentiated filter functions for project evaluation, or escalation management for control and partial automation of work processes: The GSD Solution is a tool equipped with state-of-the-art features for successful long-term project work.