Inventory management
and production support...

               ...according to very specific requirements!

Software for your production planning and production control

A suitable PPS (product planning and scheduling) software solution offers comprehensive options for process optimization in the areas of production planning and production control. Your aims of employing such a production solution may include optimal machine utilization, short processing times or high readiness to deliver.

Consistently meeting complex production requirements

All requirements for manufacture, regardless if single-item, limited-lot, and/or multi-model production, can be met with GSD's production software. Production is planned in accordance with customer orders or current need. In this context, several document types are definable. This way, the different types of production orders such as planned orders, reservations, or priority notices can be managed in a customer-specific way. Depending on the date required, the system calculates a suggested date for the latest production start. To meet the requirements of joint production, a "joint product item list" is used.

External production / extended workbench
The external production of required components can also be incorporated. In the case of external production, plan the dates when parts should be delivered to the processor, and when the finished components must be returned. Booking of good flows, the material consumption of provided goods and stock transfer are automatically processed in the background.

Production features supported by the GSD solution:

  • Single-item and limited-lot production
  • Series production
  • Multi-model production
  • Customer-oriented production or production on demand
  • Definition of various document types for production
  • Reservations / production priority notices
  • Joint production / “joint product item list"
  • External production / extended workbench
  • Graphic support of the production planning processes (CRP)
  • Transparency in the progress of production and inventory changes


The graphical capacity planning serves as an option for the graphic support of the planning processes. Production data acquisition is carried out, amongst other things, by time recording terminals. Primary products, semi-parts, machines, services and tools are managed on a clearly arranged list of overall resources.

Material planning / production progress
The system clearly displays the manufacturing progress of dispatched production orders in fully customizable templates. Therefore, you can oversee production progress and inventory change at all times.