Inventory management
and production support...

               ...according to very specific requirements!

ERP Software for Inventory Management, Production Planning and Production Control

In the areas production and inventory management, it is no longer sufficient to merely perform assigned tasks. The "How" and the "How fast" are the criteria that distinguish extraordinary providers from good ones. Thus, efficiency is paramount for many manufacturing and trading companies to keep competition at a distance. In order to take the lead in handling production-related and logistical challenges in daily business, Enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems have long since become an indispensable prerequisite for long-term success. A modern ERP solution will support you to master all the challenges arising in inventory management and production as well as in project and customer service management.


flexible ERP Software by GSD

GSD's ERP solution enables you to act quickly and confidently in production and inventory management, to save time and costs in daily operations, and to optimize interdepartmental business processes.

Enterprise Resource Planning
Enterprise resource planning or ERP refers to the economically reasonable use of all company resources, regardless if it concerns human or e.g. financial resources. ERP systems help to optimally deploy available resources and to consistently support business processes in production and inventory management.

Your benefits:

  • optimal management of purchase and sale
  • flexible and efficient production
  • prevention of shortages and reduction of costs
  • transparent overview of inventory
  • expedient management of resources


ERP CRM Integration

Combining CRM and ERP software becomes more and more important regarding an overall process optimization throughout all business divisions. GSD's CRM and ERP software therefore create a seamless link of the CRM and ERP processes of a business.