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Invoice receipt workflow

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Particularly in companies receiving high volumes of invoices, the growing flood of incoming invoices often causes disturbances of work processes and delays in the auditing and payment of the invoices. This frequently results in additional workload and payment reminders. Inefficient handling of the invoice receipt may also affect the subsequent processes and other departments. Incoming invoices, whether electronically or in paper form, require a regulated process that can be supported by appropriate tools for collecting, administrative checking and release, and distribution of documents. Benefit from the possibilities of such a system that will support for tasks of your company's invoice receipt in a (partially) automated way!

The invoice receipt workflow by GSD

Um eingehende Rechnungen effizient zu erfassen, zu prüfen und zu verteilen, unterstützt Sie unsere Rechnungseingangslösung mit verschiedenen speziell für die Anforderungen des Rechnungseingangs entwickelten Modulen. Diese bauen aufeinander auf und folgen den Schritten des Rechnungseingangsprozesses in der Praxis. Die GSD Lösung berücksichtigt dabei digital erhaltene Rechnungen (z.B. PDF-Dokumente) genauso wie per Post eingegangene Papierrechnungen, die Sie eingescannt haben. Mittels integrierter Workflow-Funktionalität lassen sich Standard-Abläufe für interne Aufgaben über Abteilungen hinweg definieren.

Our invoice solution supports you in efficiently billing, checking and distributing incoming invoices with the help of several modules, specially developed for the requirements of invoice receipt. These are built on one another and follow the practical process steps of invoice receipt. Here, the GSD Solution takes into account invoices in digital form (e.g. PDF documents) as well as paper invoices received by post and then scanned by you. By using the integrated workflow functionality, standard procedures for internal tasks can be defined that work across departments.

Ihr Nutzen:

  • automating and structuring workflows
  • optimising business processes
  • completing recurring routine jobs more quickly
  • reducing manual work
  • reducing costs in the long term


The modules supporting the incoming receipts workflow facilitate everyday working life and come with a diverse variety of opportunities:

  • scanning functionalities
  • full text recognition with OCR
  • rule-based forms
  • document recognition and processing
  • rule-based process control
  • integration with ERP and financial accounting
  • legally compliant archiving

Your benefit: From now on, you will complete recurring routine jobs a lot faster.