Accelerating processes
  and reducing costs ...

     ... with the integrated ECM solution by GSD

Document management software:
Organising documents, optimising processes, revision-proof archiving, minimising risks...

Companies are increasingly facing the challenge of managing the growing flood of documents in the best way possible and at the same time fulfilling the legal requirements of revision-proof archiving. By using a suitable document management software, you will be able to continuously fulfil these requirements. Moreover, you will optimise your processes with the help of intelligent, (partially) automated document assignment to e.g. tasks/transactions or addresses.

Subareas of document management

Acquisition, creation, processing, editing, archiving, retrieval and output are the individual steps in the life cycle of a document. In the following, you will find information on how the Document Management Software by GSD can support every single process step of your daily workload.


Document management software by GSD

By the features integrated in the DMS software by GSD that support the subtasks described above, you will be able to act in a legally compliant manner, optimise work processes and minimise your workload! Scanning, acquisition, editing and processing and retrieval of documents will be considerably easier for the user. And all this is done in a particularly time saving and cost-efficient way. This way, you do not only increase your employees' motivation, but also their efficiency.

Your benefits:

  • save time & costs
  • systematically organising documents
  • minimize legal risks
  • consistently optimising processes
  • increasing transparency of your business processes