Identifying customer needs
and fulfilling them individually...

                    ...with CRM solutions by GSD

increased customer satisfaction for your success

A web-based help desk, which may also serve as a knowledge base, makes your customer feel supported even after the purchase. Via the automated distribution and allocation of customer support requests, you will improve your reaction times resulting in increased customer satisfaction:

Living the customer service
Processing all customer inquiries via web-based help desk, increasing the reaction time through automated distribution of tickets and scheduling and performing customer service orders. You will take a crucial step forward to achieving these goals with the help of the integrated features for your service management. The service technician benefits from the mobile connection to smart phones and tablets. This way, your employees will always have at their disposal all the important documents such as user manuals or technical information without having to carry around heavy folders as it used to be.

Service functions:

  • service requests
  • automated distribution and allocation
  • help desk / ticket system
  • knowledge base
  • documents, addresses and operations available in mobile form
  • communication management / communication platform: Internal and external communication via cutting-edge technologies such as email, letter, fax, phone or text messages