Identifying customer needs
and fulfilling them individually...

                    ...with CRM solutions by GSD

Focus on the customer

Supporting customer-oriented processes should be the main feature of the marketing functions within your CRM solution: From address and contact management to individual addressing of specific customer groups through intelligent campaign management:

Closer to the customer
View customer information at the push of a button, conduct campaigns to target groups and distribute marketing resources efficiently: These are the integrated marketing features that enable you to bring the GSD Marketing Software closer to your customers. Take a step forward to acquire customers, the same way you do for customer loyalty and use of important tools for your customer-oriented business success where they are most effective - at the interface between your company and your customers: the marketing!

Marketing functions:

  • address and contact management
  • campaign management
  • event management
  • management of marketing resources
  • sending personalized emails
  • creating form letters
  • Stamping software (Stampit)