"Finding instead of Searching"

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Document processing

Immediately after creating or collecting documents, they can be further processed. Text recognition, indexing and sorting by keyword and document assigning are some of the available options here.

OCR text recognition

Pure image files (without machine-readable text) are automatically analysed by the integrated text recognition (OCR) and the recognized text is stored in addition to the document.


In the background, the full texts of all newly entered or created documents are automatically added to the full text index of the database.

Sorting by keyword / categorization

Documents can be complemented by metadata (key words) via the corresponding metadata entry fields. This can be done manually by the user as well as automatically via macro. In the case of manual keywording - provided the user has the corresponding access rights - the content of the metadata entry fields can be edited. This can be done via the editing mode in the documents' list view or through switching to metadata display. Frequently used metadata entry fields are e.g. name, description, owner or creation date of the document. The metadata are then included into a corresponding search index.

Document assignment

Using the supplied text contents, it is possible to assign the documents automatically (via macro) or manually, to the corresponding addresses, contact persons, projects or processes. This facilitates future retrieval of the documents. Manual assignment can be effected by e.g. using the assignment-button.