"Finding instead of Searching"

    CTI, emails, letters and faxes
       – everything is combined in one system

Document creation

The beginning of your documents' life cycle is their creation and a modern document management system (DMS) enables you to efficiently create different kinds of the document types that you work with on an everyday basis. Ideally, you can use centrally maintained document templates to efficiently create documents and at the same time safeguard your corporate identity (CI). In turn, filling in these templates will, as far as possible, be effected automatically with the help of data that is already known to the system, such as addresses, reference numbers, etc. so that you can concentrate on the actual content. This should work for all conventional document types.

You can create the following document types directly with the DMS solution by GSD:

Office Documents

The most frequently used Office document types such as MS Word, Excel or PowerPoint can be directly created and edited in the system. This includes MS Word Mail Merge (which is also possible with alternative document types like LibreOffice and OpenOffice).


Keep the maintenance of your templates as simple as possible and store them in a central location. This refers especially to frequently used document types such as MS Word, email or faxes.


The integrated email management system makes third party systems obsolete. Due to its internal communication features, even forwarding emails to co-workers is no longer necessary. Each email document exists exactly once within the database.


The system can also be used to send faxes. They are created with the integrated fax printer that enables you to convert any document into a fax (a feature included in the GSD solution).


Write internal messages to directly exchange knowledge about a specific topic with one or more co-workers. These documents are the key tool for your internal communication.


This type of internal document is specifically suited for capturing ideas or facts. After creating the document, it can be assigned to all corresponding objects such as addresses, tasks or projects, and can be sent with or without notes to specific users or user groups if required.


Your business partner or co-worker can only be reached on their mobile phone? No problem! GDS's document management software enables you to send short messages to your co-worker's or contact person' mobile directly from the system.

File management

Generate a case by creating an electronic file that includes all the associated documents. File management enables you to clearly structure your documents and to easily retrieve required documents at any time.


Use the GSD application to create extensive projects. The integrated program management tool enables you to work in an organised and efficient way - from creation to planing and controlling, to evaluation of your projects.