"Finding instead of Searching"

    CTI, emails, letters and faxes
       – everything is combined in one system

Document acquisition

If documents already exist in external sources, e.g. in business applications or file systems, they must be entered into the document management system first. No matter if it is scanning, data import or email collection: Your document management solution should be able to collect a variety of document types. Depending on the document type, the collection of documents is effected differently.

The DMS software by GSD offers the following options:


Non-electronic documents, i.e. paper documents are scanned via TWAIN-compatible or network-compatible scanners. For scanning paper documents, a work place with a connected scanner (single sheet or sheet fed scanner) is required, where single documents or document batches can be scanned. The scanned documents are saved as image files in the database. The powerful OCR add-on module that is based on the leading OCR / ICR FineReader engine by ABBYYTM, automatically converts the scanned documents into text.

Import from business applications and data systems

Documents from business applications (e.g. your ERP system) such as orders, offers or invoices can be collected via corresponding interfaces. For imports from data systems, various document types can be transferred to the DMS system per drag&drop or per macro function.

Archive printing

With the archive printing function, you can transfer your documents from all your applications to the database in the form of unchangeable PDF or image files for long-term preservation.

Document entry

Documents from your existing ERP or inventory management system such as from the integrated GSD Inventory Control can be transferred to the DMS archive via archive printing.

Email inbox

Collect incoming emails automatically via the integrated email server of the document management software. After that, the received emails can (automatically or manually) be assigned to corresponding objects such as addresses or cases/projects.

Incoming faxes

Similar to emails, faxes are automatically forwarded from the electronic (mail) inbox to the archive and are directly assigned to the corresponding addresses or cases/projects.

Collection of audio files

Audio files can also be stored in the GSD Database; this includes e.g. calls recorded through the integrated voice mail function.