Identifying customer needs
and fulfilling them individually...

                    ...with CRM solutions by GSD

Customer relationship management (CRM) software: Building and maintaining lasting customer relations

Identifying needs and retaining customers, increasing sales and enhancing customer satisfaction through continuously improving service - these are the skills of today’s successful customer-centred companies! Lay the foundation of this success by using a modern CRM system that optimizes your marketing activities, sales and services:

We therefore recommend:
Focus your attention on the customer, because the customer is your most important partner!

Integrated CRM Software instead of siloed solutions
The CRM software by GSD offers all CRM features in one system, following the GSD philosophy "integration instead of siloed solutions" for the areas marketing, sales and service. From address and contact management to individually addressing customer groups through intelligent campaign management. The key feature of GSD’ CRM software is the complete support of your customer-centred business processes.

Your benefits:

  • acquire new customers professionally
  • increase customer satisfaction
  • make more confident decisions through customer analyses
  • optimise customer-centered business processes
  • establish lasting relations with existing customers


GSD’s CRM software enables you to look at customer information at the push of a button, perform campaigns that are geared to target groups, process all customer inquiries via a web-based help desk, exploit cross- and up-selling potentials and work independently and flexibly on your smartphone or tablet PC.