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Asset accounting

Asset accounting is the part of accounting where company assets are collected and managed. The main tasks of asset accounting are booking incoming items, disposals, transfers, depreciation and amortization as well as creating the monthly and annual accounts and the inventory investment.

Asset accounting software by GSD
Capture your assets in a convenient way. The GSD solution supports you in handling your asset accounting, keeping track of your assets and passing relevant data on to financial accounting! Benefit now from the professional and legally compliant management of your assets!

Your benefits:

  • acquiring assets efficiently
  • optimising accounting business processes
  • increasing fixed asset transparency
  • passing relevant data to financial accounting
  • increasing legal compliance: Consider GoBD!

The following functions will support you in managing your asset accounting:

  • Booking incoming items, disposals, transfers, depreciations and amortizations
  • Passing on business transactions to financial accounting
  • Final accounting: End-of-month account, annual account
  • Asset inventory
  • CV files
  • Asset list
  • Summary of fixed assets
  • Overview of in- and outflow
  • Overview of low value assets
  • Depreciation preview