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for individual applications..."

Mobile Solutions - MobileAccess

Mobile business process control
Benefit from essential features such as email inbox, contacts, files/transactions, or document view in real time on your smartphone or tablet PC. The mobile GSD solution offers excellent possibilities for the mobile process control of your business. Mobile customer management, document management and access to your groupware features make you and your colleagues significantly more flexible in every day work life.

Mobile customer management (CRM):
Mobile management of addresses, files/transactions and customer communications.
Mobile document Management (DMS):
Access personal and global folder structures and documents from anywhere.
Mobile cooperation (Groupware):
Contact your colleagues at any time.
Use the group calendar to work together without difficulty while on the move.
Mobile BI:
View the latest company developments on your smartphone or tablet PC.
Mobile business process mapping ("Mobile processing"):
Vast possibilities for mapping your business logic from the functional areas of the GSD solution world including DMS, inventory management or CRM

Your benefits:

  • Mobile access to all company data
  • Work independent of time and location
  • Save time & costs
  • Stay up to date when travelling
  • Increase the efficiency of the sales force