Inventory management
and production support...

               ...according to very specific requirements!

Shipping management

For timely delivery of goods to your customers, you are reliant on professional shipping and transport planning, taking into account the key issues of customs and export processing as well as the schedule of the carriers.

Shipping and transport planning / shipping orders

Print shipping labels and pass all essential information on to the parcel delivery service: You will meet this challenge with the shipment functions integrated in the inventory management software by GSD. In addition, you can plan all your transports and manage the organisation and execution of your shipping orders. A carrier link provides relevant data in the form of a delivery file sent to the application provided by the carrier, or to a web service or a specifically provided mail server in the network.

Shipping features:

  • Shipping and transport planning / shipping orders
  • Package and unit load management
  • Customs and export handling
  • Consignment sale


Package management
Manage the internal inventory of your packages (items and respective unit load) via the package registration. Here, both the dimensions of the article as well as the dimensions of the unit load can be managed. You can specify the weight and volume per package

Customs and export handling
For customs and export handling, you can set up a connection to the online customs declaration system ATLAS (automated tariff and local customs clearing system) that supports the two providers FORMAT and AEB.

Consignment sale/picking
To collect various items according to a specified order, use the integrated consignment feature to prepare the relevant documents for shipment using filter function. Via the so-called picking monitor, you are able to create an overview of the documents with your line items. Print out the picking list and start your route-optimised picking!