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Master data - Ensuring quality at an early stage

In terms of the economic success of a company, the relevance of master data is often underestimated. Regarding inventory management and logistics, however, you are dependent on high quality master data to uphold transparency in your processes and to remain competitive.

Customer, supplier and article master data
The management of master data and characteristics form the basis for successfully operating with the GSD inventory management solution.
The customer master data include customer price lists, data such as shipping and payment conditions as well as accounting data. In the GSD inventory management system, article data are extended by e.g. the supplier's, purchase and sales prices, product groups, batch and serial numbers, and the option of a bill of materials. In addition, several suppliers can be assigned to one article and a purchasing and sales calculation and a unit conversion (e.g. from quantity to weight) can be stored in the system.


  • Customer and supplier master data
  • Article master data
  • Bill of materials management
  • Running bill of materials
  • Characteristic features
  • Product data management
  • Change management


Bill of materials management
With the ERP solution by GSD, you will be able to manage any number of article-specific lists, e.g. bills of materials for sets, receipts, spare parts, production and articles. You can assign any number of levels to each of them. Even master data and characteristic management is integrated, e.g. for colours and sizes. An article parts list containing any number of levels can be created fast and easily. The complete resource list also displays machinery, tools and manufacturing processes.

Running bill of materials
Production can be started prior to completing the bill of materials. The bill of materials is not complete at the time production starts and continues to "grow" during manufacture.

Characteristic features
Several characteristic features can be combined to a class list of characteristics. A list of that type can in turn be assigned to different articles or an article group.

Product data management
Manage all relevant product data directly in the article master. Engineering data such as CAD drawings, descriptions, certificates, test reports, manuals, etc. can be stored and archived directly with the corresponding article.

Change management
Any changes to the master data can be recorded.
It is up to you do define, which users or user groups are authorised to change which kinds of documents, such as product drawings, product data or production data and in what way they can be changed.