Inventory management
and production support...

               ...according to very specific requirements!

Materials management and scheduling

The focus of materials management and scheduling are the operational flow of goods and material movements. Among the most important tasks are proper inventory record keeping and making available the necessary goods for the production or sale.

Materials scheduling
Materials scheduling overview: which article is in stock and assigned to which order? Which of the articles has already been ordered? Using material scheduling enables you to always answer the decisive questions concerning the production of a certain article and to make available the materials needed for production.

The main basis for your make-or-buy decision is being aware of the scope of your capacities. Do you have sufficient capacities to manufacture the article for the production project by yourself? If not, opt for foreign production.


  • Materials scheduling
  • Make-or-buy decision
  • Inventory record keeping
  • Batch number and serial number tracking
  • Managing by-products and joint products
  • EDI processing


Inventory record keeping
Through the integrated inventory record keeping functionality, all inventory changes, i.e. increase or decrease in stock can be managed. The corresponding entries can be traced in a stock item audit trail.

Batch and serial number management
Benefit from the completely integrated archive, where all data is stored. Monitor internal and external batches as well as purchase, sale and sell-by dates with the batch management. You can choose between FIFO (First-In-First-Out), LIFO (Last-In-First-Out) or manual batch extraction. Production and raw material batches from supplier to end product and vice versa can be tracked consistently.

Management of by-products and joint products
For joint production, the GSD inventory management system will generate a bill of materials with percentage values displaying marketable products, or, if applicable, products to be disposed of.

EDI Processing
The EDI interface generates messages using the data structures supplied by the GSD ERP system. These correspond to the specifications of the EDI standard or are created according to individual customer specifications. The interface allows both the export and import of messages.