Inventory management
and production support...

               ...according to very specific requirements!

Warehouse management and inventory taking: Knowing what is available

Ideally, all materials and goods are stored according to a reasonable structure. Depending on the company-specific situation, we would recommend different types of warehouse systems. To keep an overview of your stock, you should take an inventory at the accounting date where all your existing stock is recorded.

The inventory management software by GSD provides an overview of the current availability of articles for all types of storage systems. Throughout the system, tools for monitoring batch and serial numbers are incorporated. The following functions and storage types are available for your warehouse management in the ERP system by GSD:

Multi-stock handling
You can manage any number of warehouses in various locations.

Stock shelf management
Manage an unlimited number of storage compartments – also in different warehouses.

Rejects storage (storage for damaged or poor quality goods)
You can perform amount calculations for the rejects storage quarterly, at the end of the year or in user-defined intervals.

Customer / project storage
As soon as items are booked into customers or project storage, they are reserved for the selected customer or the respective project.

Inventory management features:

  • Multi-stock handling
  • Stock shelf management
  • Rejects storage
  • Customer / project storage management
  • Consignment stock management
  • Label printing
  • Stock movement
  • Permanent inventory / annual inventory


Consignment stock
Maintain a consignment stock in a supplier's or customer's warehouse, where invoicing only takes place when stock is removed.

Label printing
Print article, shelf and address labels. Use the report generator functionality "List & Label" that is integrated in the inventory management solution.

Stock movement
Whether new goods have been delivered by the supplier or materials are taken from the warehouse to fulfil a customer order: Use the inventory management software solution by GSD to book inward and outwards stock movements.

Inventory taking
Whether permanent or annual inventory - you can freely select the date for inventory taking. After entering the data, you receive an inventory valuation list and a list of inventory differences, if necessary, based on serial and batch numbers.