Inventory management
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Order processing

Today, an offer and order management with all relevant documents (offer, order confirmation, delivery note, invoice, credit note, cancellation) should form the central component of inventory management. Order processing in the GSD inventory management solution offers the following options:

Customer and contact management
The integrated customer and contact management allows a fast and easy management of multiple shipping and billing addresses.

Customer offer processing
Each entry in your offer and order management is allocated to the respective sales person, representative or agent. Different currencies and document languages are already included. A management function handling several different document discounts and payment and delivery terms is integrated.

Order processing features:

  • Customer and contact management
  • Customer offer processing
  • Costing and pricing
  • Customer order processing
  • Customer blanket orders
  • Customer order planning
  • Invoicing
  • Credit note / returns processing
  • Sales force / commission


Costing and Pricing
The GSD inventory management software includes different calculation types such as overhead, preliminary, intermediate and final costing. These calculations can be created in one or more stages across the entire bills of materials or document processing. Schemes based on partial or full costs are possible, when bills of material are used for costing. Through a transfer function, each costing calculation can be transferred to the purchase and sales price of an item. Here, the lot size and the estimated reject rate are being considered.
For determining prices and discounts during the order process, you can create any number of price and discount lists and specify them according to freely combinable criteria (price groups, customer groups, product groups ...). Graduated prices and discounts are possible, as are discounts on individual item or document level.

Customer order processing
A customer's order can be quickly entered in the order mask. Order entry can be even further accelerated by using the fast order entry option. In addition, EDI, Web shop or sales force orders can be quickly integrated into the value chain.

Customer blanket orders / contracts
Just as in purchase, blanket orders can also be created in sales. Call orders are automatically assigned to the respective blanket order. Comprehensible overviews, order and contract histories display the current processing status, current deadlines and remaining quantities at all times.

Customer order planning
Check all incoming orders in advance to determine if they can be processed within the requested time. Then schedule the order based on the available materials and resources.

With only a few clicks, your invoices can be generated in a simple manner and sent automatically. For orders or delivery notes that are already created, invoices can be generated in a single step. In addition, it is possible to create collective invoices for several deliveries.

Returns / Credit notes
Increase the efficiency of returns processing by using the returns management function for processing of returned goods, generating credit notes and creating the corresponding return documents (RMA receipts). The returns process can be viewed in the document history at any time.

Sales force / commission
Calculate the commissions obtained by your sales representatives. You can assign a commission to your employees with the help of a commission table. You can set percentage or value-based commissions for product groups, products or discount groups based on either the turnover or the profit.