"Finding instead of Searching"

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Document retrieval

The area of retrieval includes all options to retrieve a document.

To retrieve the documents archived in the DMS system according to above descriptions, you will need intelligent retrieval and search functions that are integrated in the document management solution.  Here, you can resort to search options of varying complexity via logical search, dynamic search or full text search and combine them as required.

The DMS solution by GSD offers you the following options:

Manual limitation via assignment objects

The method that is most frequently used to retrieve documents is the manual search limitation by using assignment objects such as addresses, contact persons, projects or processes. After opening, for example, an address, you will find in its document tree and associated document list the documents that were automatically or manually added to the address at the time it was collected. They are sorted according to the time they were archived and their chronological order (according to their creation date) illustrates the relation between the individual documents.

Search through search dialogue

To retrieve archived documents, you can use the search dialogue of GSD's document management solution. This search dialogue features comprehensive filter criteria, making it possible to narrow down the documents in question as much as possible. 

The essential search methods using this dialogue include:

Metadata search
The character string to be searched for in the document's metadata is entered in the search field "Object".

Full-text search
The character string to be searched for in the full text index of the database is entered in the search field "Content" to find the associated documents.

Search via search terms
To retrieve documents that meet several predetermined criteria, the search dialogue can be used for searching a particular term. 

After completion of the search, the search results can be found in a personal folder called "Search result". If necessary, they can be narrowed down further via an additional search.