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Document output

Document output includes all types of reproducing archived documents, from displaying them on a screen to printing or exporting them to other systems.

The GSD solution offers the following output options:

Display on screen

The most frequently used output type is displaying documents on screen. Here, the GSD solution differentiates between the internal and external display.

Internal display
If a display plug-in for document types such as PDF or Office files is available, it can be integrated into the GSD DMS system. Just click on the document in the document list to view a preview. To open it in full view, double-click on the list entry and the document will be opened in a separate window. 

External display
If there is no display plug-in available for a document type, the document will be opened outside of the GSD application after double-clicking on its list entry. The system passes it on to an appropriate installed application.


Use the printing option of the display plug-in or of the external application after having opened the document for printing.


You can export documents from the database by marking one or more documents and using the drag&drop function to move them e.g. to the Windows Explorer. It is also possible to set up automatic document exports via macro, for example to make available documents that fulfil certain criteria to other applications.