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Document archiving

For many companies, revision-proof archiving of documents is one of the most important requirements for an ECM or DMS system. A modern ECM solution should offer you all the prerequisites you need for a revision-proof archiving of your documents. But it is not only the safety-related and legal aspect that is important when it comes to electronic archiving. If it is done in the "right" way, you will benefit from digital archiving in many other situations as well.

The archiving solution by GSD: Save space, meet legal requirements, reduce costs!

The GSD archiving solution will support you in many different ways! If appropriately employed, digital archiving does not only fulfil legal requirements. Digital archiving your documents will also save you a lot of storage space. Moreover, electronic archiving will increase transparency in your company and due to the resulting option to quickly retrieve documents, also time/costs can be saved, as it is no longer necessary to search filing cabinets.

Your benefits:

  • Minimize legal risks
  • Increase transparency of your business processes
  • Retrieve documents more easily
  • Save storage room
  • Save time & costs