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Document editing

Of course, documents created in the system or collected from external sources can be further edited in many different ways. This applies to the document's content or its metadata and security settings - and the right tools are available for every use case. Even document-related standard procedures can be automated via workflow definition. The options for document versioning make the document editing processes more transparent.

Further editing

The contents of a document such as the text in an Office file can be edited in almost every way -provided the user has the corresponding access rights. An integrated rights management system allows the document owner to determine who is eligible for e.g. reading or writing access to documents.

Adding graphical annotations to image documents

Graphical objects or annotations that may be relevant for further processing steps can be added to image documents such as faxes or scans. These objects, however, do not change the original document, but are placed on another layer on top of it. These annotations can be displayed or hidden via a switch button.

Versioning - creating new versions from existing documents

Version management makes it possible to generate a new version from an archived document by creating a new, edible copy.

Workflow management

Structured workflow:
By means of macro-controlled workflows running in the background, documents can be passed through a series of pre-defined process steps, e.g. for incoming invoice verifications, applications for leave and other approval processes.

Manual workflow:
With the GSD DMS solution, users can forward documents to others users, with or without annotations. Here, no copy of the document is created, but a reference note / link to the original document is sent to the other user.

Escalation levels can be defined to ensure that deadlines are met and schedules are adhered to, or that the idle periods of documents and processes are reduced.  For example, you can determine the consequences for deadlines that are not met. This way, you can make sure that all task will be completed in time.

Creating Follow-ups / document reminders

The GSD solution for your document management enables you to schedule every document for follow-up in order to be reminded about this document at a date set by you.