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Time recording: DOCUframe PDA / Time & Attendance

Time & Attendance

Staff time logging or time & attendance is defined as the collection, processing and analysis of the times employees start and stop work. The associated data can e.g. be obtained from time tracking terminals, from manual entry or from external systems.

If you prefer time tracking terminals, we recommend the "Supertrax" series by the Italian company Axess TMC, because of their capability, robustness and excellent price-performance ratio. Of course, also other terminals can be connected via open interfaces fast and easily.

With the help of the integrated interface, manually entered times can be recorded fast and effortless. All entry screens can be customised to your needs. Due to a workflow, it is possible to generate a fully automatic data acquisition. Event-driven acquisitions are also possible.

Due to the possibility to perform individual adaptations for even greater flexibility, processing is not rigid. The development environment DOCUcontrol enables the user to make customised adjustments at any time. Various possibilities to intervene are available that serve for controlling data processing.

You can generate the following reports based on the collected data:

  • Working time account per employee
  • Graphical overview with diagram
  • Attendance and absence list
  • Comparison of target times and actual times

An integrated graphical form designer allows you to create customised reports.
With the staff time logging by GSD Software®, you will streamline your workflow and evaluate effectively. In addition, you will be able to measure the performance of your employees!

Production data acquisition (PDA)

The PDA module supports you in the systematic recording of the order and project-related working hours of your employees and other resources. Thus, you keep track of the utilisation of all your resources as well as the compliance with the planned targets and you can continuously track and recalculate the costs incurred for each order or project. In the event that the planned targets are exceeded, you can intervene in time and, for example, reschedule resources.

  • PDA data can be imported manually via time tracking terminal, via DOCUframe input dialogue, or automatically via interface (ASCII / CSV / XML) from external systems such as machine data acquisition (MDA).
  • Individual evaluations can be generated with an integrated analysis generator.

Via interface, the collected data are available to every ERP system for further processing (billing, final costing).